B2B Tracking

Identifying corporate visitors on your website

Utilizing B2B-tracking you can acquire a lot more new customers than by cold calling. A software application on your website evaluates commercial data and user behavior, so you can target your online users more specifically and individually. You will be able to see which products and sub-pages were viewed and can accurately respond to the interests and needs of each individual visitor.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • More customers through targeted and personal acquisition
  • Additional leads for future sales promotions
  • Less wastage on online visitors who leave the website incognito

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How to use B2B-tracking to convert anonymous online visitors into customers!

Should companies come across your website while searching for a certain product or service, but leave again without contacting you, there was no way of knowing. With B2B-tracking you can identify commercial website visitors and contact them afterwards knowing their specific interest. In contrast to cold calling you know exactly that there is a fundamental interest for your offers and your products: The chances of winning a new customer is therefore significantly higher.

Additional leads with B2B-tracking!

If your online visitors leave your website without contacting you, you lose a potential new customer!

New sales opportunities through data analysis!

Thanks to B2B-tracking you are able to convert all your website visitors to customers. Hence, online marketing will be more profitable because of avoiding wastage due to a lack of contact opportunities. From commercial users you will receive the company name, address and webpages visited. Thus, your sales office can specifically contact those interested companies even after they have left your website.

Acquire new customers through individual proposals!

On the basis of commercial user’s behavior that left the website without getting in contact, you are now able to focus your acquisition emphasis accordingly. Since there is a fundamental interest in your products, you can acquire potential customers with an individually tailored offer.